Traveller shares how you can pack all clothes in cabin bag with no extra cost

As thrilling as it is to be heading off on a holiday, the struggle of packing everything into a suitcase is all too real.

It’s a challenge to get everything packed and sometimes it feels downright impossible to take everything you need. However, this year might just see a change thanks to a clever woman’s packing hack.

The woman, known on TikTok as @Devinjadex, uploaded a video revealing a method that allows people to fit an entire wardrobe into a cabin bag. It seems unlikely, but she demonstrates it flawlessly.

In her clip, she mentions she had previously posted about a particular bag she uses, and people “don’t believe” that it can hold all one’s essentials. Yet, she insists it’s the truth.

To back up her claim, she shared footage of herself at the airport stuffing the bag with everything necessary for her trip. Her pack list included clothing, flip-flops, swimwear, and toiletries.

Jade claims that everything fits “perfectly” into the bag, which also conveniently fits under the seat during travel. She points out that you can pack “so much stuff” into this small carry-on, and it’s incredibly effective.

She even managed to pack her bikinis, sun care products, and sunglasses without any trouble. She believes this allowed her to bring “everything she needed for a holiday” without incurring any additional costs.

Jade explained that this was because she didn’t have to fork out extra cash at the airport, thus saving her some quid while also being savvy with her packing. Keen to spread the word, she popped a link to the bag on her TikTok profile.

The travel hack has been the talk of the town since Jade put it out there, with folks eager to know how they could pull off the same feat.

One TikToker commented: “I just ordered one – you better not be lying.” While another enthused: “Looks great – can really fit a lot in there.” Someone else confirmed: “I have it – it fits. And mine was stuffed to capacity. Trust.”

However, some were a tad sceptical about the bag’s capacity, with one person noting: “I’ve got the bag, and don’t feel like it fits this much in.” Another questioned: “Is it not really heavy to carry?”

But the praise for the idea was widespread, with several users calling it “absolutely perfect”. Many vowed they’d be giving it a go for their next holiday getaway.

Another user shared their success story, adding: “I have one of these recently, went to Spain for four days. Had all I needed – brilliant!”

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