Travel experts share the best luggage for avoiding fees that could cost you £70

When your luggage goes onto the airport scales, it’s hard not to question whether you’ve weighed it properly at home.

And that’s because missing airlines‘ strict weight-limits – even if only by a little – could end up costing you a pretty penny.

According to Accor, the travel and hospitality experts, there are a few checks that you can make beforehand to ensure that you aren’t hit with the hefty fees that could reach up to £70.

The experts warn: “Many airlines have different policies when it comes to both hold, and hand luggage, and if you fail to familiarise yourself with these rules you may be forced into paying a penalty fee, which in some cases totals up to £69.99.”

Here are some of their tips for making the most of your allocated space:

  • Opt for lightweight luggage – Modern suitcases and travel bags often come with light materials which reduces the weight of your carry-on luggage. Soft shell suitcases are recommended as they can be flexible when fitting into small spaces, they also come as lightweight as around 1.58kg.
  • Prioritise toiletries – Research beforehand to find out if your accommodation offers basic toiletries, like shampoo and body wash. When it comes to packing your liquid luggage, remember the 100ml hand luggage policy to avoid having products confiscated at the checkpoint.
  • Try the rolling technique – When packing clothes into your luggage, try rolling items instead of folding them. This creates more space and keeps clothes tightly packed and in place.
  • Buy a luggage weight scale – To avoid facing upfront costs for overweight baggage at the airport, investing in a luggage weight scale can help you determine if your bag meets baggage requirements before leaving for the airport. These can be purchased for as little as £4.99.

The experts also shared the cheapest day to book, revealing that a booking in the middle of the week could save you as much hassle as money.

“Mid-week travel often requires taking additional time off work which explains why it’s not the most popular time, yet it can make for a more peaceful airport experience,” they say.

According to Skyscanner data, return flights on a Tuesday can save you almost £40pp, compared to return flights on a Saturday.

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No one wants to dip into holiday funds before jetting off
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The experts also urge travellers to keep on top of their flight, stating: “A busy airport can be distracting, so it’s important to regularly check for flight updates and remain organised.

“Keep in touch with your flight by setting up alerts on your phone so that you always have the latest information to hand.

“If the airport you’re flying from has an app, download this to your phone and subscribe to flight alerts.

“Alternatively, the airline you’re flying with may publish live flight information to their app or website, ensure you check this every 15-30 minutes to understand how your journey is shaping up.”

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