Cheapest supermarket in UK last month named – and groceries cost £16 less

Aldi has once again been named the cheapest supermarket in the UK after a new comparison found that shoppers could save more than £16 compared to the most expensive rival.

The budget German grocery chain once again takes the title for the month of July in the latest Which? monthly comparison, which takes its long reign to 14 months in a row.

It comes as the British Royal Consortium found that food price inflation had slowed recently, with the latest figures showing that it had dropped from 14.6 percent to 13.4 percent in July, making it the lowest rate since November 2022.

While food prices do still remain a concern for many households, Which? has been conducting monthly comparisons on the average cost of groceries at eight of the UK’s largest supermarkets.

Aldi once again came out on top for the month of July, where a basket of groceries and household essentials came to a total of just £71.22, making it £4.03 cheaper than last month’s findings of £75.25.

Lidl was a close runner-up with a total of £72.60, which was also a bit cheaper than last months total that £77.18, making it £4.75 cheaper. Asda once again retains its third place position with a total that came to £78.65, which was then followed closely by Tesco with £79.59, Sainsbury’s with £81.06 and Morrisons with £82.

Meanwhile, Ocado and Waitrose continue to hold onto their own positions as the more expensive options for your groceries and essentials, with the former coming in at £86.26.

Waitrose was once again the most expensive supermarket with a total that came to £87.24, making it £16.02 more for the same basket of items you can get from Aldi.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi, said: “The summer holidays can be difficult financially for many but we will continue supporting our customers by consistently offering them great quality products at the lowest possible prices.”

UK’s cheapest supermarket in July 2023 results

  • Aldi – £71.22
  • Lidl – £72.60
  • Asda – £78.65
  • Tesco – £79.59
  • Sainsbury’s – £81.06
  • Morrisons – £82
  • Ocado – £86.26
  • Waitrose – £87.24

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