Murderer who stabbed 17-year-old girl to death in Ayrshire village is refused parole

The family of a murdered teenager said they are ‘delighted’ the killer who stabbed their loved one has been kept behind bars.

John Wilson – who knifed 17-year-old Michelle Stewart to death in the East Ayrshire village of Drongan in 2008 – was refused parole yesterday but can reapply in just eight months time.

Armed with a blade, Wilson had taken two buses from Prestwick and ambushed Michelle with a ten-inch blade, while she was out at the shop with her friends.

Wilson was sentenced to serve 12 years’ minimum jail time after he pled guilty to her murder in March 2009.

He was refused parole again at a parole board hearing yesterday.

Speaking of Wilson’s parole refusal, Michelle’s sister Lisa Stewart said: “We are delighted that the parole board have again refused to release him.

“He obviously remains a danger to the public and always will.

Sister Lisa and family continue to fight for justice for Michelle and other families in similar situations
Sister Lisa and family continue to fight for justice for Michelle and other families in similar situations

“We have been advised that he can apply for a review in eight months, which is strange as it is normally a year from date of last refusal that they can apply for a review. I have raised this with the Parole Board and await a reply.”

Lisa said the family – who marked 14 years of Michelle’s passing in November last year – have requested meeting minutes from the hearing to learn about the reasons behind Wilson’s refusal.

She added: “I am awaiting a summary minute report which victims can now request following changes which were implemented further to Michelle’s Law campaign.

“However, we previously waited seven weeks for the last one which is unacceptable- particularly if the victims are waiting to find out licence conditions if the offender is released.”

The family fear Wilson still poses a risk to the public, especially to women.

Lisa previously told Ayrshire Live last month: “He carried out a completely unprovoked, premeditated, vicious attack on Michelle.

“We believe he will always be a danger to the public, especially to women.

“Anyone capable of such level of savagery, especially unprovoked, will always remain a danger.

“We as a family will continue to fight for him to remain behind bars as long as possible.”

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