Adorable fox cubs living beneath hot tub for warmth spotted playing in garden

Adorable fox cubs are believed to be living beneath a hot tub in a bid to keep warm.

Remarkable footage of five cute pups playing in a Kilmarnock garden emerged over the weekend.

Footage taken by Christine Storrie shows the youngsters playing in her neighbour’s garden on the John Walker estate.

The Kilmarnock resident says the mum tried to attack her cat last week and only realised on Friday night that she had wee cubs.

The stunned local couldn’t believe when she saw the family of foxes rolling around and playing on the grass next door at around 7.30pm.

Christine later heard a noise under the decking of her hot tub and realised the animals are living there, likely favouring the warmth from the pool.

A second video taken by Christine picks up the noise from the wee pups under the wooden decking.

Christine said: “I couldn’t believe it as was still daylight and they were out rolling on my neighbours grass.

“The mum tried to attack my cat and I had to chase her away but I didn’t realise she had cubs.

“I’ve only seen the mum a couple of times but this was the first we seen the cubs.

“They are nested under our decking as we have our hot tub in our bar area so I guess they like the heat.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. We were mesmerised watching them roll about and play.”

The SSPCA advises that fox cubs should not be disturbed and that when they’re noisy, it typically means they’re hungry.

Residents are urged to monitor them from a safe distance.

And if there is no sign of an adult fox for a prolonged period of time, residents can call the SSPCA on 03000 999 999 where advice will be given.

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